15+ Facts About Life in Austria That Confuse Newcomers

Austria is a country in the core of Europe that reliably draws in sightseers. It engages guests from all edges of the world — the individuals who need to visit popular ski resorts and experience its rich authentic and social legacy. Nearby scenes are awesome and moving, which is the reason the people who have visited it somewhere around once, will need to return here in the future without a doubt.

We at Brilliant Side got keen on what else Austria has available for its novices and a few realities surprised us deeply. Prepare to gain proficiency with the most intriguing ones too.

Canines are welcome all over the place. They can visit bistros, cafés, metros, and numerous other public places and transport. Places that deny canines ordinarily have a sign saying as much.

They don’t utilize taxis. It’s not unexpected in that frame of mind to simply flag down a taxi or a Uber, in spite of the fact that you’d just need to stroll for 10 or 15 minutes. This isn’t true in Austria. Taking a taxi in Austria implies you’re either extremely old and not ready to walk any longer, or truly rich and can’t be irritated.

The litter-consuming industrial facility called Spittelau is one of the capital’s business cards. Travelers get shocked with the way this building looks: its walls are designed with bright mosaics, while its brilliant tops happily sparkle in the sun. It was planned by the well known Austrian craftsman Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He was a genuine defender of biology and begun dealing with the undertaking just when he got guaranteed that the new plant in the focal point of Vienna wouldn’t carry any mischief to the climate.


You may not comprehend Austrians regardless of whether you know German. In the event that you request a “tüte” (the German word for “pack”) at the checkout, you’ll probably get a shocked look. It would be more right to say sackerl. However Austrian children learn German writing in schools, yet there are many lingos in the domain of the nation and, with their assistance, local people can figure out which city or even region the individual they are addressing is from.
This is what a client with the epithet Above water expresses, “Austrian German is a migraine for sightseers. Simply envision that you are learning German, which itself is a troublesome dialect, you go outside to at long last practice it with somebody however wind up hearing an entirely unexpected language. There are 9 states in Austria and every one has its own tongue. In some cases even they, at the end of the day, don’t see one another.

Austrian don’t utilize covers. On the off chance that you look into a lodging, you’ll probably see that there will be a conveniently collapsed cover lying on the bed in your room. The actual bed will have no cover on it. You will likewise seldom see comforters in the homes of Austrian individuals, while guests or workers from different nations, for instance, will frequently add it to their inside.


Austrians are clear. They don’t shrink away from the real issue to cause you to comprehend that something isn’t acceptable for them. Try not to get shocked assuming you hear “inconsiderate” remarks about your way of behaving or appearance while speaking with local people. That is the way the Austrian fixation on genuineness (which it is not difficult to confuse with inconsiderateness) shows itself.

“On the off chance that you ask, ‘Does this dress make me look fat?’ you will really get a ‘Yes,’ on the off chance that it does!’ Austrians seem to be really cruel to loads of different societies, however in the event that what they are talking about is valid —, the Austrian isn’t being unforgiving (as they would like to think). They are simply coming out with the plain truth.”

Looking to the side during toasts is improper. At the point when Austrians are raising glasses, they gaze profoundly into the eyes of individuals they are toasting with. It is trusted that on the off chance that they don’t observe this guideline, it can cause misfortune. Furthermore, local people see any redirection from this drinking custom as a sign of irreverence.

It is improbable that you will find an Austrian who can’t ski. They are shown this movement from their actual adolescence, visiting ski resorts with their folks. Additionally, when they are schoolkids, they take compulsory ski classes. It is no incident that the Austrian skiers ordinarily get the biggest number of awards at the World and European Titles. “Skiing is a seriously costly movement and that is the reason many just do it on more than one occasion per year. In any case, we watch the Snow capped Ski World Cup together and it’s similarly pretty much as significant as soccer, perhaps more in this way, since we’re great at it.

They have an extraordinary approach to hello one another. We are accustomed to embracing individuals while hello them. The occupants of Austria are more freed in this sense: they kiss each other on the two cheeks. The level of closeness doesn’t make any difference in this sense — both dear companions and ongoing associates do this.

On the off chance that Austrians need to share one bed, they will ensure that every individual gets a different cover. It gives the deception of individual space and ensures that nobody will freeze around evening time.

Vacationers could get terrified by the buttons in Austrian lifts. For the people who are accustomed to seeing just numbers in lifts, finding letters on the board could look pretty odd. These buttons convey travelers to the housetop, ground floor, and storm cellar.

Passes to the renowned Vienna Show House are not reasonable for everybody, except there is a strategy for getting around this. Upon the arrival of the exhibition, two or three hours before its beginning, individuals can purchase standing room tickets. They are probably pretty much as costly as some espresso. Other than the actual show, guests can engage themselves with a free outing around the theater. “There was a tremendous line for the standing room tickets, true to form. Be that as it may, we were fortunate on the grounds that the counter shut soon after we got our tickets. We were amazed when we went into the State Drama house. It was lovely. That is to say, truly gorgeous.”

There is a rack in Austrian latrine bowls. Prior to going to the sewage, the previous items in the guts stays on the outer layer of a rack situated inside the bowl. That is the means by which individuals can do a self-check for their wellbeing or take an example of their stool to later get for testing.


The occupants of this nation don’t act gradually and don’t hold back while looking at in general stores. They attempt to put all of the stuff they got involved with sacks as quick as could really be expected. The implicit rule helps accelerate the assistance cycle and not burn through the hour of the individual who is next.

There is a canine expense in Austria. The expense is fixed for all proprietors of 4-legged companions and it doesn’t rely upon their variety. Every city sets the expense rate freely, however overall, the proprietors pay €72 each year for the principal canine and €105 for each ensuing one. The people who don’t conform to the standard can be fined for a lot of cash.

Local area gardens are exceptionally evolved in Vienna. While strolling along the roads, going over wooden tubs with soil is simple. That is where neighborhood inhabitants develop blossoms, vegetables, or plant life for their very own utilization. This domain is normal and the obligation regarding the plants is normal as well. Grounds-keepers orchestrate normal gatherings where they conclude who will watch the tidiness, what different gatherings they need to hold, and what plants to develop straightaway.

Austrians can learn at college for what seems like forever. Because of the way that learning at colleges is free, everybody goes and they go at whatever stage in life. Your colleague may effortlessly be somebody’s granddad, who chose to revive his insight or discover some new information.

Gazing at obscure individuals can be viewed as the sign of a terrible childhood in certain nations, yet it’s the reverse way around in Austria. Local people watch obscure individuals on open vehicle or in the roads with undisguised interest. This doesn’t imply that the object of consideration looks peculiar, running against the norm, this is the manner by which Austrians express their endorsement. “You haven’t exactly lived in Vienna adequately long in the event that you don’t simply gaze at individuals on the metro without feeling any responsibility about it.”

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