15 Things About American Weddings That Non-Americans Find Extremely Weird

Some time back, we composed a post about the strangest things about American weddings, as indicated by non-Americans. A considerable lot of our perusers from the BuzzFeed People group all over the planet shared much more American wedding customs they don’t exactly have any idea. Here are the fascinating outcomes:
1. The tremendous wedding parties

“Monster wedding parties seem like pointless excess to me! You’re letting me know that you have 15 dear companions, in addition to more to welcome as different visitors?”
2. The practice suppers

“As far as I might be concerned, I most certainly never grasped the practice supper thing. It simply seems like such a lot of additional time and exertion; is it truly worth the effort? In any case, things can continuously turn out badly the day of the wedding.”
3. The looong mixed drink hour.

“Went to a companion’s wedding where after the function, before we could go into the gathering, they served liquor and only a couple of things on toothpicks implied for a small bunch of individuals — not the hundreds they had. We were made to sit tight for three hours with NO sitting, beyond supper time. We didn’t realize anybody with the exception of the lady and lucky man. My center point and I thought about leaving, yet we continued to think they’ll kick it off soon. Most obviously awful wedding experience of all time!”
4. The expense

“The most unusual thing about weddings is the expense. I can’t envision burning through all that cash on one day. Spending more than $1K is simply senseless.”
5. The live groups

“One thing that I never comprehended is the reason do they generally have groups playing inhabit their weddings? Here in Uruguay, I’ve never known about anybody doing that. We generally have DJs. Also, the party happens until 7 a.m., as well.”
6. The showers and libraries

“Truly, the entire idea of showers and libraries. On the off chance that you can’t manage the cost of the wedding, go to a town hall. In the event that somebody inquires as to whether they can get you a gift, cool. Yet, in a real sense making a rundown, similar to a kid, of stuff you maintain that individuals should get you? It’s in every case just appeared to be voracious and sort of gross to me.”

7. The cake smooshing

“I’m an American, I actually can’t comprehend the smooshing cake in the face thing. I can’t stand it. Do you have any idea about what amount of time wedding cosmetics requires to be finished? Then, at that point, you will destroy your wonderful cosmetics with cake smooshing?”

8. The principal date at a wedding

“The wedding date thing!!! I would never bring somebody I’ve just barely met to a friend or family member’s wedding. I’ve seen before in American motion pictures that a many individuals use weddings as potential dating pools? As, I don’t comprehend going to praise a companion or relative getting hitched, yet investing the entire energy attempting to connect with somebody. This may be something or other that just occurs in films or Television programs, however, so idk.”

9. The smorgasbords

“I totally Disdain buffet weddings. It’s so awkward…Plated meals are the best approach.”

10. The save-the-date cards

“What I truly battle to comprehend is burning through cash on extravagant save-the-date cards when you’re about to send a greeting at any rate. Simply a futile cost.”

11. The wedding party paying for their clothing

“This is presumably going to get a great deal of disdain, however I’ve generally despised that the wedding party needs to pay for their own dresses and tuxes. It’s damn shabby to anticipate that others should pay to in YOUR marry. In the event that you can’t manage the cost of it, then restrict yourself. Truly, this ought to stretch out to all the other things, as well — the showers and single guy and lone wolfess parties. For what reason should your wedding party need to pay for this? It’s your day, so take care of everything.”

12. The every white wedding

“I find all-white weddings very exhausting.”

13. The money bars

“The beverages ought to be free. That is a bizarre contention. Why anticipate that your visitors should bring a gift and a fistful of money for a glass of wine??? In my family, it’s humiliating to have a money bar.”

14. The ~showing off~

“What I find about American [weddings] is that they’re chaotic, don’t actually zero in on the genuine significance of marriage (family, regard, and love), and is only about flaunting.”

15. Lastly, the strap throw

“The tie throw is gross and cringey.”


What is your take of these “American” wedding patterns? What might you add to this rundown? Tell us in the remarks underneath!
Note: A few entries have been altered for length as well as clearness.

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