23 Super “Fun” Songs That People Didn’t Realize Are Actually Really, Really Dark

I won’t ever pay attention to “Come on Eileen” the same way once more.
Some time prior we requested that the BuzzFeed People group share which “fun” tunes were entirely dim, and they had a Ton to say. The following are a couple of tunes you should give another tune in:
1. “Fortunate” by Britney Lances

“I need to say it was her most memorable piercing weep for help, yet I was simply skipping around in my room singing into a hair brush at whatever point it came on.”
2. “Ho Hello” by The Lumineers

“About a desolate person pines after a young lady that is as of now with another person. He longs for both of them ending it all like Romeo and Juliet.”
3. “Cascades” by attention

“One that generally gets me is the finish of the second section [where they suggest the primary person is passing on from HIV] in ‘Cascades’ by attention.”
4. “Siphoned Up Kicks” by Cultivate Individuals.

“It’s damn infectious, yet it’s in a real sense a melody about a school shooting — according to the shooter’s viewpoint.”
5. “Every one of the Great Young ladies Take a hike” by Billie Eilish

“The tune is about the environment emergency.”
6. “Frantically get as far away as possible” by The Beatles

“This is a WAY more terrible Beatles’ tune and has consistently upset me.”
7. “My Sharona” by The Skill

“It appears to be agreeable enough…so well disposed, the organisation at my grade school used to shoot it during our week after week open air lunch days. The most over the top upsetting line is, ‘I generally get it up from the dash of the more youthful kind.’ The tune is basically this person asking poor Sharona to lay down with him. And all I need to know is the way in which old would she say she is?”

8. “Astounded” by Woman Crazy

“It’s about her dad not dealing with his wellbeing and anywhere near kicking the bucket. The tune is her beseeching him to stop and taking steps to surrender music in the event that he doesn’t find support.”
9. “Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hansen

“It’s in a real sense about Evan’s self destruction endeavour in the melodic.”
10. “Little Discussions” by Of Beasts and Men.

“It’s difficult to tell from the verses alone, however when you understand it’s a discussion between a widow and her dead spouse, it’s staggering to pay attention to.”
11. “Fernando” by ABBA

“It’s quite miserable. Growing up I thought it was a sweet melody, yet quite a while back I paid attention to the verses nearer.”
12. “Crystal fixture” by Sia

“Everybody is belting out the tune believing it’s tied in with carrying on with life to the fullest when it’s about liquor abuse!”
13. “It’s Not Living (On the off chance that It’s Not With You)” by The 1975

“I used to think it was this truly fun sentiment tune, however it’s about heroin.”

14. “Powerless to resist me” by The Drifters

“It’s about a young lady he essentially controls and maltreatments as retribution. I bop my head and sing along…”

15. “Each Breath You Take” by The Police

“It mysteriously turned into a go-to wedding tune for quite a long time. At long last, Sting needed to express it’s about a fixated stalker ex. From the start, I just let it out appeared to be heartfelt in the last part of the ’80s when it emerged, however listen even only a bit of spot nearer, and yowser. I trust individuals don’t in any case play this at weddings.”
16. “Cherry Wine” by Hosier

“It’s tied in with being in an oppressive relationship and being head over heels.”
17. “99 Red Inflatables” by Nena

“The tune is about atomic conflict and the passing of basically everybody.”
18. “Semi-Enchanted Life” by Third Eye Blind

“This tune turned out in 1997, right when my enslavement was going to reappear truly. Clearly, it’s about meth. I abhorred how much individuals loved that tune and chimed in to it joyfully while I was battling with my injury and enslavement. I began to pay attention to it unexpectedly when I’d utilize.”
19. “Somehow” by Blondie

“The tune is in a real sense from the POV of a stalker!”
20. “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias

“It’s about him attempting to persuade a young lady they ought to connect and undermine their life partners at a dance club.”
21. “We Are Youthful” by Fun. accomplishment. Janelle Monáe

“There are bunches of medication references, however at that point there’s likewise a line that references homegrown maltreatment.”

22. “Come on Eileen” by Dey’s 12 PM Sprinters

“I cherished the tune when I was youthful, however at that point I grew up and paid attention to the verses. It’s essentially about a person attempting to convince a lady to lay down with him by expressing frightening things not so subtle by pleasant words. Perhaps a more seasoned fella attempting to deceive a recently lawful lady. Very snappy, and perhaps I read into it wrong, however it appears so skive.
“23. “Escape (The Piña Colada Melody)” by Rupert Holmes

“Fundamentally the entire tune is about how the two players are really exhausted and miserable in their relationship, so the two of them endeavour to cheat, and when their date turns out to be the individual they were attempting to undermine, they believe it’s entertaining and remain together.”

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