8 Celebrities Who Tried Cosmetic Surgery Once and Said “Never Again”

Following the ascent of online entertainment, excellence is acquiring steadily developing significance in our lives. For this reason many individuals, including big names, are selecting restorative mediations to accomplish the current “guidelines of flawlessness” and keep their energetic appearance. In any case, some of them wind up lamenting these methods and understand that looking normal and consistent with what their identity is undeniably more significant for them than looking picture-awesome.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The 63-year-old entertainer admitted to having attempted plastic medical procedure many years prior, and conceded that “it didn’t work.”
Years after the fact, the star hasn’t adjusted her perspective and is still completely against restorative intercessions. She noticed “The latest thing of fillers and systems, and this fixation on sifting […] are clearing out ages of excellence.” She added, “When you screw with your face, you can’t get it back.”

Courteney Cox

The 58-year-old entertainer got serious about attempting corrective techniques to “pursue” energy. Nonetheless, she could have done without the outcomes which she conceded made her look “truly weird.” So she in the end needed to break down every last bit of her fillers.

Glancing back at her experience, she made sense of “You really want development right in front of you, particularly assuming you have flimsy skin as I do.” She added, “I’ve needed to figure out how to embrace development and understand that fillers are not my companion.”

Jessica Simpson

The 42-year-old vocalist and entertainer conceded to having had corrective work done all the rage. In any case, she was by no means happy with the outcomes. Simpson uncovered, “It looked phony to me. I could have done without that.” Fortunately for her, the impact of the filler vanished following 4 months, and her lips returned to their previous shape.


Jane Fonda

Fonda is known for her amazing body, even at the ready age of 84. And keeping in mind that she attributes her appearance to a solid way of life and a ton of activity, she likewise admitted to having a facelift, which is something she concedes not being pleased with. The entertainer made sense of that she halted in light of the fact that she didn’t need “to look mutilated.”


Melanie Griffith

The 65-year-old entertainer laments getting carried away with plastic medical procedure quite a while back, and how definitely her face was changed subsequently. She concedes not understanding the excessively groundbreaking impact the strategies had until individuals begun bringing up it to her.
She reviews “I was so stung” and subsequently, she went to one more specialist and begun to break down every one of the fillers she had in with the expectations of looking “more ordinary.”


Gwyneth Paltrow

The 50-year-old entertainer admitted that restorative intercessions were her approach to managing her emotional meltdown. She conceded that when she turned 40, she got hostile to wrinkle infusions all around her face, which she found “dreadful.” Paltrow noted, “I looked horrendous — one eye was really higher than the other — and it was most certainly a serious mix-up.” She added that fortunately it was brief and the impact of the methodology disappeared with time.


Jennifer Dim

The 62-year-old entertainer conceded to having a nose work back in 1989 which adversely affected her vocation. She underwent surgery 2 years in the wake of transforming into a major star thanks to the film Filthy Moving and she noted “I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out unknown.” She added, “I’ll constantly be this once-popular entertainer no one ­recognizes in view of a nose work.”

Cameron Diaz

The 50-year-old entertainer focused on having Botox infusions previously, nonetheless, she was not happy with the outcomes. Diaz conceded “It changed my face in such an unusual manner that I was like, ‘No, I would rather not [be] like [that].'” The star added, ”I’d prefer see my face maturing than a face that doesn’t have a place with me by any stretch of the imagination.”

She continued adding that she doesn’t care about her giggle lines, making sense of “Think about what this implies, I’ve grinned for what seems like forever. I love life. I’m cheerful I don’t generally disapprove of that.”

What is your take on surface level methods? Have you attempted them yourself?

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