At This Kerala Temple’s Annual Festival, Men Dress Up As Women For A Day

It is a novel celebration and likely the only one of its sort on the planet, where men spruce up in conventional ladies’ dress and deal petitions.

This is the Chamayavilakku celebration at the Kottankulangara Sree Devi Temple in Kerala’s Kollam locale.

The two-day yearly celebration which started on Thursday finished up on Friday night after customary ceremonies and supplications.

This was the first time in quite a while the Chamayavilakku celebration has been held with public interest.

In 2020 and 2021, the yearly celebration was dropped because of COVID-19 limitations.

However the quantity of members this year was less contrasted with pre-COVID times, many men, across different age bunches went to the celebration spruced up as ladies.

As per the sanctuary experts in pre-COVID times the quantity of members was just about as high as 3000-4000.

They spruce up in half-saris, kasavu saris, and churidars and furthermore wear gems.

Frequently these are finished by relatives themselves or make-up craftsmen at the sanctuary premises.

The men additionally convey a chamayavilakku (exacting interpretation: cosmetics light – a light illuminated with five wicks) during the parade and when they offer supplications.

They accept that offering supplications taking on the appearance of ladies will acquire them favors the type of occupations, abundance and so forth

The directing divinity of the sanctuary is Goddess Durga otherwise called Vanadurga.

As per nearby legends, when some cowherd young men attempted to break a coconut by hitting it on a stone they found in the forest. Yet, to their shock, they saw drops of blood dribbling from the stone.

They were frightened and informed townspeople about their experience.

Afterward, local people counseled celestial prophets who said that the stone had the heavenly abilities of Vanadurga and that Poojas should be begun following building a sanctuary.

So they constructed a sanctuary where the stone was observed utilizing posts, leaves and delicate leaves of coconut palm.

Since those days just little youngsters were permitted to plan bloom festoons and light lights in little and familial spots of love the cow herders started to dress as ladies and young ladies, offer petitions in the sanctuary.

That is the means by which the practice of men and young men taking on the appearance of ladies and young ladies began.

Nowadays Chamayavilakku is additionally a celebration of transpersons as a few local area individuals turn available.

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