Bengaluru: Autorickshaw Driver Tracks Down Woman To Return Her AirPods

Bengaluru is known to have tech brothers and startup aficionados in each side of the city. In this way, it’s nothing unexpected that individuals of the city are generally educated.

Lady leaves AirPods in auto, driver tracks her and brings them back
There have been a few occurrences that demonstrate how individuals utilized innovation to interface with others and return something that they lost. One such episode is presently turning into a web sensation.

A lady shared her “Pinnacle Bengaluru second” on Twitter as her autorickshaw driver returned her Apple AirPods inside 30 minutes in the wake of finding her.

Taking to Twitter, a lady named Shidika Ubr shared how she lost her AirPods while going in an auto while going to work. Be that as it may, the driver figured out how to follow her as well as return the costly contraption.

Shidika said that the driver figured out how to find her by interfacing the AirPods to track down the proprietor’s name and utilizing his PhonePe exchanges to contact her. He then showed up at her working environment, where he at first dropped her off and gave it back to security.

“Lost my AirPods while going in an auto. After thirty minutes, this auto driver who dropped me at WeWork appeared at the entry and gave it back to security. Evidently, he associated the AirPods to track down the proprietor’s name and utilized his PhonePe exchanges to contact me,” read the subtitle.

Web calls autorickshaw driver ‘well informed’
The post has amassed near 9,000 preferences and more than 500 retweets. Individuals were dazed by how well informed the autorickshaw driver was and took to the remark segment to express their opinion.

“Auto drivers are more tech aficionados then designers for sure ?? ( Particularly in Bangalore),” an individual said.

“Auto drivers in Bangalore are genuine OGs. This isn’t the principal story of this sort that I’ve heard. No big surprise why Bangalore is the ideal objective for business visionaries,” a subsequent individual said.

“He, first of all, must be a decent individual to follow through with something like this far removed and second of all he must be brilliant to sort out which client lost it – Bhai caps off!” a third individual said.

“Why he is an auto driver at the lead position with such tech information m abilities, perhaps he is working two jobs,” an individual said.

“The issue is you think the unfortunate need capacity, when in all actuality they have mind blowing potential. The central concern is absence of assets, neediness and crappy admittance to quality training,” one more added.

“That is magnificent buddy! I’m actually attempting to get back units from the taxi driver who’s taxi I left it in for a month at this point,” another joked.

What was your take on this occurrence?

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