How Matthew Lewis Has Overcome His Childhood Insecurities and Become a Hottie, but He Still Remains Neville Longbottom Deep Down

Matthew Lewis became popular when he was as yet a kid. Very much like his personality Neville Longbottom, Matthew used to be modest and ungainly and could scarcely be named “the most well known kid in school.” Yet subsequent to showing up on the front of a magazine in 2015, his life changed. The public saw an attractive man who had next to no to do with that uncouth kid he played on screen. In any case, the entertainer needed to strive to make this change a reality.

Prior to ascending to popularity

Matthew was brought up in a common family in Leeds, Extraordinary England, and has 2 more seasoned siblings. It simply happened that all Lewis youngsters were partial to films. At last, the most established sibling turned into a film supervisor, and the 2 more youthful siblings picked an acting profession. At the point when Anthony Lewis went to acting classes or tryouts, Matthew was constantly brought, and he bothered his sibling’s representative to send him to a tryout.

She once organized a tryout for Matthew, and he lucked out. He was welcome to play little parts in a few Television programs. This was the means by which he got his most memorable expert acting experience and the fundamental associations. One of them was Sarah Lancashire, who Lewis thinks about the best entertainer on the planet.

Neville Longbottom

Very much like great many kids all over the planet, Matthew loved the Harry Potter books. He even made his mom guarantee him that they would head out to the motion pictures together when the book got adjusted to screen. Furthermore, unexpectedly he figured out that there would have been an open tryout for the film about the youthful wizard, and it would happen right in Leeds.

Obviously, he joined the horde of children who longed for turning out to be essential for the Harry Potter world. Two months after the tryout, he got a call to be welcome to London and meet the movie chief, Christopher Columbus.

In a meeting, Matthew uncovered that generally hard for him to play characters are actually such as himself. What’s more, Neville helped Lewis particularly to remember himself, “On occasion it’s agonizing the amount of me there is in Neville. While I’m watching, I’m like, ‘That is not Neville; that is you.'”

Very much like Longbottom, Matthew felt bashful before individuals he didn’t have the foggiest idea, particularly assuming they were young ladies. Simply envision that 15-year-old Lewis needed to wear a fat suit, dentures, and ear prosthetics consistently. The entertainer felt truly humiliated.

Perhaps, to this end he was so persuading in this job. He got many letters from kids who were tormented at school. They kept in touch with the entertainer that Longbottom assisted them with accepting they could become blissful and fearless in the future as well.

Mystical change

Harry Potter fans could watch Neville changing from one film to another. He would turn out to be more certain, valiant, and, in the long run, the legend who was liable for the result of the story. Also, the entertainer would change along with his personality.

In 2015, Matthew Lewis, who was generally secret to the crowd by his genuine name, showed up on the front of Demeanor Magazine. However, he was so hot and alluring that even J.K. Rowling composed on her Twitter, “Not so awful as watching Dan in Equus, but rather close. Caution me sometime later, for the wellbeing of God.”

Lewis started to show up in the titles of lustrous magazines. For instance, he was picked quite possibly of GQ’s most slick man, and Instyle magazine tipped him as maybe the following Bond. Unexpectedly, the entertainer turned into the focal point of everybody’s consideration, and he wasn’t ready for that.


Furthermore, he started to get various jobs. In this way, Matthew featured close by Emilia Clarke in the heartfelt show Me Before You, played in the neo-noir thrill ride Terminal featuring Margot Robbie, and handled a lead job in the series All Animals Extraordinary and Little.

Polyjuice elixir in real life


There is Polyjuice elixir in the Harry Potter universe. An individual who drinks it can change into another person yet remains themselves inside. This is what has been going on with Matthew Lewis, in actuality. Despite the fact that he’s a well known entertainer, he stays a self-concious youngster somewhere inside. He actually believes he’s an untouchable, notwithstanding the way that he’s now an adult man.


The entertainer frequently talks about his weaknesses, yet that’s what his model demonstrates assuming you trust in yourself and buckle down, you can make progress. In 2016, he met his adoration, Angela Jones, at the Festival of a Harry Potter occasion. What’s more, after 2 years, they sealed the deal.


Today, the entertainer plays in motion pictures and in front of an audience. He got a privileged Expert of Expressions degree, established a foundation reserve, has a digital broadcast, and simply appreciates life, sharing his feelings on Instagram. Also, his experience assists unreliable kids all around the world with accepting that all that in their life will be okay.

Do you know whatever other entertainers who used to be odd ones out yet became lovely swans?

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