Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Case, Ex-Wife Amber Heard To Pay $15 Million

A US jury Wednesday found both Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard at risk for criticism – – however sided all the more firmly with the “Privateers of the Caribbean” star following a serious preliminary riding on harshly challenged claims of homegrown maltreatment.
The decision covered a harshly battled six-week preliminary riding on shocking cases and counterclaims of between the Hollywood big names.

The seven-part jury in Virginia granted the 58-year-old entertainer $15 million in harms subsequent to finding that a 2018 article wrote by Heard on her experience of “sexual savagery” was slanderous to Depp.

Heard, her eyes depressed all through, listened aloofness as the decision was perused out in Fairfax court, close to the US capital – – and later pronounced herself “shattered” and disheartened “beyond anything describable” by the result.

Depp, who was following the procedures from the United Kingdom, in the interim posted on Instagram that the jury “gave me my life back.”

In the commentary for The Washington Post, Heard had depicted herself as a “well known person addressing homegrown maltreatment” – – and despite the fact that she didn’t name Depp in the piece, he sued her for suggesting he was a victimizer, looking for $50 million in harms.

The 36-year-old Heard, who had a featuring job in “Aquaman,” countersued for $100 million, saying she was maligned by explanations made by Depp’s legal counselor, Adam Waldman, who told the Daily Mail her maltreatment claims were a “deception.”

The jury concurred that Heard was maligned by those assertions, and furthermore granted her harms – – yet at an essentially lower sum, $2 million.


Responding to the decision, Heard considered it a “mishap” for ladies.

“The mistake I feel today is beyond anything that can be described. I’m shattered that the heap of proof actually was sufficiently not to face the unbalanced power, impact, and influence of my ex,” she said in a proclamation.

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