Malaika Arora Shares What Happens In Her Bedroom, Says She Likes To Be

Malaika Arora’s magnificence merits a lot of appreciation, without a doubt. Being 47, she is as yet solid and fine and hot as usual. Individuals frantically need to be familiar with her mystery being so fit, at this age. She works out in the exercise center strictly, without missing. She is exceptionally cautious with regards to her food propensities. She just favors good food, which is plainly noticeable in her face and body structure.

Malaika Arora has constantly been at the center of attention, the explanation being her own life and undertakings more than her work life. Her relationship with Arjun Kapoor is much of the time talked about in the Bollywood business. Both of them are frequently seen together.

Malaika attached a bunch with Arbaaz Khan’s, however both of them later got separated following 18 years of being together.


Malaika is much of the time savaged about her relationship with Arjun Kapoor due to her dating a more youthful man. She is very dynamic via online entertainment and is seen posting photos of their supper excursions, pleasant get-aways together. Here we will examine a meeting wherein she shared her room privileged insights openly.

Malaika was welcome to Neha Dhupia’s visit show. She stunned her fans by giving a devious and idiosyncratic answer to the host Neha on her talk show Vogue BFF.Here she unveiled numerous mysteries connected with her own life. She examined different themes going from her separation to room sentiment and what sort of men she loves.

Neha scrutinized her on what sort of young men she likes?

To which she answered she favored whiskery young men more. She further says, that on the off chance that their comical inclination is great, it is good to beat all.

She was likewise addressed on what occurs in her room in this meeting. She asked what was her #1 situation in bed? Answering to this, that’s what malaka said “I like to be on the top.”

She additionally said that she enjoys messing around at evenings and loves whiskery young men with a capable of humor. Hearing this response, the two entertainers began snickering.

She has seriously savaged via online entertainment stages post this reaction. Individuals passed various remarks on her. Individuals even connected this with Arjun Kapoor. Be that as it may, Malika seldom focuses on these sorts of stuff. She loves to carry on with the unique kind of energy freedom of thought and in an autonomous manner.

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