Margot Robbie Explained Why Her Women-Led “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Movie Is Dead

The venture was evidently being developed at the Mouse House as of May this year — yet presently it appears as though it’s out of commission.

It’s been some time since there’s been another film in the Privateers of the Caribbean establishment — explicitly, very nearly six years.

The last Privateers film, Privateers of the Caribbean: The quietest man is a dead man, turned out in 2017 — and the 6th film has been being developed damnation from that point forward.

It appears to be that a significant justification for the 6th film’s defer has been the discussion around series star Johnny Depp, who has been blamed for homegrown maltreatment and rape in the midst of his continuous fight in court with entertainer and ex Golden Heard.

Way back in June 2020, a “female-fronted” Privateers side project film was declared, with Margot Robbie as the lead — however presently it seems like that film is, in all seriousness, down and out.

In another meeting with Vanity Fair, Margot says that her ladies drove Privateers film — which would’ve rejoined her with Flying predators screenwriter Christina Hodson — is apparently done occurring, and it’s not her shortcoming, by the same token.

“We had a thought and we were creating it for some time, a long time back,” she said, “to have all the more a female-drove — not absolutely female-drove, yet an alternate sort of story — which we thought would’ve been truly cool.”

“In any case, I surmise they would rather not make it happen,” she added, apparently alluding to Disney — which possesses the freedoms to the Privateers establishment.

The news comes as somewhat of a shock, since Privateers maker Jerry Bruckheimer affirmed that the Margot-drove portion was without a doubt on the way recently.

Indeed. We’re conversing with Margot Robbie,” he told the UK’s Sunday Times, while additionally referencing that Johnny wouldn’t be getting back to the establishment “as of now” and that another undefined Privateers film was too “being developed.”

However, hello, there’s still a lot to come from Margot — like, for instance, the Barbie film, obviously. Summer 2023 can’t come soon enough!

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