Meet Eksha Subba-A National Level Boxer, Biker, Cop, A Supermodel, And What Not!

The North East isn’t only known for its vegetation and regular magnificence yet additionally for individuals have extraordinary characteristics and the capacity to sparkle, and that is demonstrated by Eksha Hungma Subba, who isn’t simply a cop in Sikkim Police yet additionally a supermodel, fighter, and biker and furthermore a motivation for a large number of ladies.

Hailing from a little town called Rumbuk situated in Sikkim’s Soreng development, Eksha joined the police force early on. While pursuing her interests and dreams through life, this daring oldest kin was the sole provider of her loved ones. Eksha was one of the best 9 challengers on the unscripted television show MTV Supermodel of the Year Season 2. Her story roused numerous to perceive their genuine affection in light of the fact that, as it is self-evident, pursuing your dreams is rarely past the point of no return.

Eksha joined the police force very early in life

At the point when she was 19, she found some work with the Sikkim Police Power while seeking after her graduation. In the meeting with Brut India, Eksha likewise shared that Sikkim being a little state, finding an administration line of work has immense worth and she is right now the sole provider in the family. The work expected her to go through 14 months of disciplinary preparation prior to being moved to the State Hold Line.

Eksha’s boxing energy

At the point when she was gotten some information about her boxing energy, she said, “My enthusiasm and my calling are particularly unique.” When she was gotten some information about her boxing enthusiasm, she said, “She didn’t actually realize that there was an enclosing class accessible her town, then, at that point, her dad requested that she join there for actual wellness. She is likewise a public level fighter and, surprisingly, addressed her state in a few public competitions.

Eksha’s enthusiasm for trekking


Eksha said about her adoration for bicycles that once when her dad was showing his sibling how to bicycle, she was additionally remaining there, and when he asked her for what reason she was unable to make it happen, she said alright. Her dad urged her to learn it, and from that point forward, bicycle riding has become one of her interests. Eksha said that my dad is behind me in boxing, riding a bicycle, and joining the police force.

Eksha’s fantasy
In the wake of joining the police force and turning into a rider and fighter, Eksha had one more dream to satisfy. She has needed to go after MTV Supermodel of the Year starting from the initial time Manila Pradhan brought home the championship in 2019. She used to let her mom know that she would be there once. With consolation and backing from her companions and division seniors, Eksha demonstrated that there isn’t anything ladies can’t do. She tried out for the second time of the MTV show and got chosen and was among the main 9 in the show.

Proudly You
The tryout of MTV Supermodel of the Year season 2, which was decided by Malaika Arora, the smooth Milind Soman, and the savvy and cheeky Anusha Dandekar, has concocted an intense and enabling new topic, ‘Proudly You’, and for its tryout video, Eksha wore an exceptionally designed uniform.

Eksha was commended by Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora, who likewise filled in as an appointed authority on the show, commended her. During the ‘MTV Supermodel of the Year Season 2’ when Eksha presented herself, Malaika gave her a thunderous applause and said, “such ladies should be saluted”.

Eksha utilized her police preparing for her potential benefit in the magnificence challenge
Eksha uncovered how her 14-month police preparing assisted her in the show with confronting every one of the difficulties like center qualities, and actual strength. “I need to say that, being from a protection foundation where I needed to prepare for close to 14 months prior to being enlisted by Sikkim Police, a portion of the difficulties were extremely simple for me.
I wasn’t frightened of levels, and I could do the undertakings that elaborate actual strength without any problem. I was certain when the assignments included center qualities.” She told TGIF, announced by Sikkim Express.

Groundwork for Worldwide Displaying
She was among the best 10 finalists at Positude Miss Sikkim 2018. Subsequent to showing her demonstrating abilities in a MTV show, Eksha presently needed to display on a worldwide stage. In a selective meeting with TGIF, Eksha expressed that she desires to contend in Asia Next Top Model straightaway and couldn’t want anything more than to do demonstrating while at the same time working for the Sikkim Police Office.
Glad to be a little girl of the country
Addressing the media, Eksha shared: “I used to think, ‘Eksha, what are you doing?’ however presently I feel exceptionally fortunate. Me as a cop and me as a model. Individuals love me to such an extent. She likewise expressed that as a model, she sees herself as the individual she is, while when Eksha is on the job, she feels pleased to be the cowgirl.

Eksha a Marvel Lady

Last year, the nation’s notable financial specialist and investor, Anand Mahindra, who is very dynamic on Twitter and frequently shares clever tweets that reverberate well with individuals, additionally applauded the uncommon ability of Eksha Hungma Subba, who joined the police administration at 19 years old. Mahindra gave her the title of Marvel Lady. He composed, The North East is overflowing with remarkable individuals. I tweeted about Prem from Manipur, India’s ‘IronMan.’ And presently, here’s another Hero; Eksha places Miracle Lady in the shade! What’s more, she’s a biker as well. I think we really want to get her on a #Jawa What say, @reach_anupam @BRustomjee?
Large number of devotee on Instagram
Ekash is very dynamic on Instagram and she is trailed by more than 90,000 individuals starting today, where she continues to post her photos and recordings with large number of preferences.

The rousing excursion of a modest community young lady never stops moving huge number of ladies, in the upper east as well as in the whole country. Eksha is confirmation that you can would anything you like to as long as you buckle down for it.

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