Meet Ramesh Babu, The Billionaire Barber Who Owns A Rolls Royce And 400 Other Luxury Cars

Every individual who’s having a decent existence ought to see themselves as fortunate. Many individuals don’t have any idea what being poor in India is like. Be that as it may, when individuals from this segment of society come to the top, it’s in a real sense an aha second for them.

Presently renowned, Ramesh Babu also was once an unfortunate man. He immediately moved up in progress with his assurance and difficult work.

Ramesh Babu is India’s ‘Extremely rich person Hair stylist’. Ramesh Babu possesses in excess of 400 vehicles, a large portion of them from extravagance brands like BMW, Puma, and even Moves Royce. Here is all you want to be aware of India’s ‘Very rich person Stylist’ Ramesh Babu:

Who is Ramesh Babu Hairdresser?

Ramesh Babu Hair stylist wasn’t brought into the world with a silver spoon dissimilar to the majority of the very rich people of this age. Ramesh Babu’s dad, P Gopal, who was a stylist in Bangalore, kicked the bucket when he was only 7-years of age. With positively no reserve funds, all he abandoned for his significant other and three children was a little barbershop on Crossed over street, Bengaluru.

After the unexpected death of her significant other, Ramesh Babu’s mom was left grief stricken and destitute and needed to fill in as a worker to assist with taking care of her youngsters and give them a fair living. Ramesh Babu’s mom acquired maybe Rs 40 to Rs 50 every month that was utilized for everything, including garments, books, charges, and everything.

Ramesh Babu Stylist’s Dazzling excursion

Ramesh Babu, a ‘Very rich person Stylist’ experienced childhood with one dinner daily. After the demise of Ramesh Babu’s dad, his mom couldn’t run the barbershop and she leased it out for Rs 5 every day.

Ramesh Babu did random temp jobs during his life as a youngster to help his mom to bring in some additional cash. Ramesh Babu began parttime paper conveyance work, milk home conveyance and whatever else was advantageous at age of 13 to help his loved ones.


By doing various types of random temp jobs, Ramesh Babu proceeded with his investigations while supporting his family and completed his 10th standard review.

Defining moment of Tycoon stylist: Ramesh Babu

After his 10th class, Ramesh Babu chose to run his dad’s shop as opposed to proceeding with his schooling. The salon was called ‘Internal Space’ and was in a shopping complex close to the school where he examined. It before long turned into a popular styling outlet.
Hair stylist Ramesh Babu needed to follow through with something, so he intended to purchase a vehicle. Ramesh Babu set aside some cash from his salon and purchased a Maruti Van (Omni) vehicle from his little reserve funds and own well deserved cash with the assistance of his uncle in 1993. Since it turned out to be inactive more often than not as he was occupied in his barbershop, he chose to put it out on lease when it was not being used. Much to his dismay that this was going to one day make him a tycoon!

Ramesh Babu accepted his most memorable business contract from Intel through a family for whom his mom worked since he was a youngster. As he gradually however consistently assembled a sizable client base, Ramesh understood the capability of working a very good quality car rental assistance and started to construct an armada of vehicles.
Ramesh Visits and Ventures
Presently Ramesh possesses Ramesh Visits and Ventures and has been gathering costly vehicles for more than 30 years at this point. He’s been leasing extravagance vehicles throughout recent years, beginning some place in the last part of the 90s.

Today, Ramesh Visits and Voyages runs in Delhi Chennai, Bengaluru effectively and the business visionary desires to vanquish his administration in various areas the nation over.

Which vehicles truly does stylist Ramesh Babu have?

In 2004, he got into the extravagance vehicle rental and self-drive business after the public authority opened up the travel industry area. Ramesh Visits and Ventures hasn’t thought back since.

Ramesh Babu previously put resources into an extravagance vehicle was Mercedes E Class extravagance car that cost him Rs 38 lakh. The armada developed with three additional Mercedes vehicles and four BMWs, which is, in any case, overwhelmed by many Toyota Innovas. Right now his armada comprises of around 400 vehicles, vans and little transports, including imported vehicles a Rolls-Royce Silver Phantom, Mercedes C, E and S class and BMW 5, 6 and 7 series. He has an armada of imported Mercedes vans and Toyota small scale transports.

Most extravagant hairdresser in India

Like he has been doing consistently throughout the previous few decades, Ramesh Babu, proprietor of Ramesh Visits and Ventures, spends somewhere around five hours everyday in his salon at Bowring Establishment.
Hairdresser Ramesh Babu by and by styles the hair of his standard clients. As an expert hairdresser, he would rather not fail to remember his foundations.

Ramesh Babu is a motivation for us all. For business visionaries who are wishing to become fruitful business people, his example of overcoming adversity might urge you to find an exceptional thought.

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