People Demand FIR Against Payal Rohatgi After Her Islamophobic Comments Against Zeeshan Khan

Everything began after news piece streaked inside the Lock Upp about the interest for a restriction on halal meat in Karnataka. This prompted a discussion inside the prison of Kangana Ranaut-facilitated unscripted television show.

In the midst of this, one of the hopefuls Payal Rohatgi made Islamophobic remarks and considered another candidate Zeeshan Khan a “psychological oppressor”. She additionally spat on him

This, obviously, didn’t go down well with different candidates of the show who pummeled Payal Rohatgi. Zeeshan Khan, thusly, lashed out that he savagely reviled her.

Payal Rohatgi’s way of behaving has additionally not gone down well with the crowd who is currently requesting her capture and a FIR against her. Watch what occurred in the video beneath.

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In the interim, the host of the show Kangana Ranaut told Zeeshan, “Payal has been to prison and arrived in a tough situation for quite a long time in the past for offering questionable comments. This is the motivation behind why even right-wings likewise don’t uphold her.”

Payal apologized later yet Twitter is as yet furious. A Twitter client stated, “Imagine a scenario in which #MunawarFaruqui or some other Muslim remarked denounced hindus they would ahve been locked out yet #PayalRohatgi is talking toxin however is still gettign away from the wreck she is making and the host is supporting her indiscriminately #lockupp.”



As Payal Rohatgi’s discipline, she has been removed from captaincy. Besides, she won’t be permitted to lead any group till the time she is on the show.

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