These Are The Last Places Of India That You Must Visit In 2022

On the off chance that there is one thing that anyone can guarantee you of, it is this. With regards to going inside India, you won’t ever whine of weariness since India is loaded up with heaps of invigorating traveler puts, some of which verge on the unusual!

Then here’s something that you would see as intriguing. In India, there are things like this and spots that are known as the last places of India which propose that despite the fact that the world isn’t finishing they are somewhat keep going on the nation’s lines. Individuals through their innovativeness and love for movement have put these puts on the map which has likewise drawn in individuals from each edge of the country. See:

1. Last Shop of India ‘Hindustan Ki Antim Dukan’


“Hindustan ki Antim Dukan”: The shop’s name is its importance too on the grounds that it is in a real sense the keep going shop on the Indo-China verge on the Indian side of the Indo-Chinese line in Chamoli region of Uttarakhand.

As per a tweet shared by The Better India, “This café is controlled by Chander Singh Badwal — the first to open a coffee bar in the town around quite a while back.”

The little shop is situated at a rise of approximately 3,118 meters and is India’s last tea stand settled in the beautiful Himalayas. The shop is in a real sense found only a couple of meters from the Chinese line.

2. Last town of India


Chitkul is initially the keep going possessed town on the Indo-Tibetan and China line, however Mana town situated in Uttarakhand is formally acknowledged as the ‘Last Town of India’. It is situated in the locale of Chamoli.

Mana town is one of the most mind-blowing vacation spots close by Badrinath, It’s only 3 Km from Badrinath town. The town is on the banks of the Stream Saraswati. It is arranged at a level of around 3219 meters. The town is encircled by Himalayan slopes. The long periods of May – June is the pinnacle season for visiting Badrinath and Mana Town, however it is as yet available till early November.

3. Last street of India or last place that is known for India

Dhanushkodi is known as the last place that is known for India, and there exists such a street, which is known as the last street of India. Sri Lanka is just 31 kilometers from this street to Dhanushkodi.

Dhanushkodi is a neglected town at the south-eastern tip of Pamban Island of the province of Tamil Nadu in India. It is southeast of Pamban and is around 24 kilometers west of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. The town was annihilated during the 1964 Rameswaram tornado and stays uninhabited in the outcome.
The town of Dhanushkodi is accepted to be where Master Rama had requested Ruler Hanumana to fabricate an extension that could convey his military across to Sri Lanka, where Evil presence Lord Ravana had kept Sita hostage.

4. Last Rail route Station of India

Singhabad, worked in the Habibpur area of Malda region of West Bengal, is the most established and last rail route station in India, which is situated on the boundary with Bangladesh. This station worked before autonomy is a similar till today. After this there could be no other rail route station in India.
In the south, Kanyakumari is the last railroad station, while in the east, it is Ledo on a branch line from Tinsukia. India’s northernmost rail route station is Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir, and the westernmost is Naliya in Gujarat’s Bhuj.

5. India’s last ocean side

Kanyakumari ocean side is the most gorgeous and last ocean side of India. Alongside nearby food, one can likewise appreciate all encompassing perspectives here.

This spot is the intersection of each of the three oceans the Bedouin Ocean, the Inlet of Bengal, and the Indian Sea. it is a huge spot in Indian history and is a notable spot of journey. While in Kanyakumari remember to observe the dusk.

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