This Woman Has Gone Viral On TikTok For Pointing Out Some Wild “Twilight” Theories And It Is So Interesting

At long last, someone who can let us know what Edward did when Bella got her period.

TikTok client twilight_talk has acquired a religion continuing in the previous year, and justifiably. Under the nom de plume Elizabeth, the TikToker is bringing back all the wistfulness and unhinged greatness of the cherished Sundown adventure, sharing her own profound plunge speculations and sentiments on the series.


In doing as such, Elizabeth’s record has wound up responding to large numbers of the inquiries we’ve all had about the series — and gives us new subtleties to contemplate.

Everything began in August 2020, when Stephenie Meyer delivered 12 PM Sun. Elizabeth told BuzzFeed she was “stunned that individuals were still as keen on Dusk” as was she, having been a devotee of the series since she read them as a graduate understudy in 2008. Her record began as a manual for the design in Nightfall.

“At first it began as only sort of a specialty,” Elizabeth made sense of. “I was calling attention to style in the series, and afterward it became before long. I think the main video that gathered a ton of perspectives went up in February. At the point when the films emerged on Netflix in July, things truly exploded. I went from 50,000 devotees to 150,000 supporters in only a long time since individuals were seeing the films without precedent for seemingly forever.”

At the point when she made a video about how short the whole timetable of the series is (only two years!) it exploded to 3.7 million perspectives. Elizabeth felt she had tracked down a local area inside TikTok — one where the specialty subtleties of Nightfall were desired substance.

Individuals started leaving remarks with ideas on what Elizabeth ought to discuss in her recordings, remembering takes for well known fan hypotheses or examinations on insights regarding the books.

“It truly is a continuation of the discussion about Sundown,” she said. “So when individuals began saying, ‘You really want to discuss this, have you discussed this? Could we at any point find out about this?’ It was more similar to I was simply answering the local area. That is the way my substance has changed into speculations and stuff — it’s actually the local area of individuals that I associate with that are concocting these thoughts and calling attention to these things.”


Presently, with almost 244K supporters in a year, a portion of her most popular TikToks are hypotheses that fans have given their own life to — like this TikTok that makes sense of how the vampires of Sundown aren’t really vampires by any means, yet rather, faeries.

The “Cullen faerie” hypothesis is Elizabeth’s own #1, as well. That’s what it represents, because of a portion of their faery-like propensities (being glittery in the sun, living in a lavish and lush region, being phenomenally gorgeous and entranced with people, and in any event, drinking people’s blood), the vampires of the _Twilight _world are really faeries who simply permit everyone to believe they’re vampires for the sake of entertainment.

Other viral recordings answer the inquiries we’ve all been interested about for quite a while. Like, how does Edward respond when Bella gets her period? (Which is the #1 thing Elizabeth gets gotten some information about.)

Here is a here’s a clue: It has to do with dead versus new blood.

Or on the other hand even consider the possibility that hypotheses, similar to imagine a scenario in which Sundown was vivified.

Or then again in the event that they’d been consistent with the books, imagine a scenario in which Bella was played by an alternate entertainer other than Kristen Stewart in the wake of being transformed into a vampire in Breaking First light Aspect 1.

Elizabeth returns to the text to reality check each video she posts, and even currently, continues to track down goodies that maneuver her right once again into the series.
“When I at first was understanding Dusk, I think it was a lot of this sort of inebriating sensation of first love, correct? That is the thing attracted me whenever I first read it, since I was there,” she made sense of. “I was a major Edward fan. Also, I think now when I glance back at them, I can see the poisonousness in the connections. I simply find the entire situation entrancing at this point. Because I’m attempting to sort it out. I’m actually pulled in, but at the same time I’m checking it out.”

“I love it so much, however I additionally can’t quit dismantling the insane things that are all inside it. Furthermore, I believe it’s something that we can’t relinquish. There’s such a lot of material there, and I feel like we’re tracking down new, peculiar things consistently, and there’s a nostalgic vibe to it.”

The thing is there never is by all accounts sufficient substance for Nightfall fans, whether it’s pulling separated Bella’s (problematic) style decisions or uncovering whether Bella and Edward had an oppressive relationship.

“We will discuss Dusk always,” she said. “It’s been 15 years. We’re actually discussing it; I believe that I could continue to discuss it everlastingly, likely. I have fanned out a tad of late, in light of the fact that I can’t peruse Dusk and over perpetually, so I was beginning to peruse some other youthful grown-up vampire books. On TikTok, I began discussing the Pine for series, which is additionally completely off the wall.”

Yet, with the new life Elizabeth and other TikTokers are providing for the book come new conversations, as well, ones that weren’t being had in the main flood of Sundown lunacy, harking back to the 2000s.

“Presently you have more seasoned fans returning to it with new eyes and new fans being like, ‘What is this? This is insane,” said Elizabeth. “While we didn’t do that the initial time. I believe we’re seeing hazardous things in the books that we simply didn’t see previously. I have a truly great time drawing in with individuals about the things that are hazardous that we ought to point out too. Furthermore, I believe that that has been truly amazing, that we can have these serious conversations about something that wasn’t exactly significant the initial time around.”

In the event that you have in a real sense any inquiries or speculations about the Sundown universe, there’s a decent opportunity Elizabeth has examined them on her TikTok — and in the event that she hasn’t, pass on her an inquiry for her to respond to! Let us know your #1 Sundown hypothesis in the remarks beneath.

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