TikTok Star Bella Poarch Just Filed For Divorce From Her Secret Husband, Tyler Poarch

No, you are not alone in not knowing that the TikToker was married.

No, you are in good company in not realizing that the TikToker was hitched.


Bella Poarch has sought legal separation from her better half, Tyler Poarch.

Los Angeles Area court reports acquired by BuzzFeed show that the 25-year-old TikTok star got hitched back in January of 2019. Bella’s request for the disintegration of the marriage was documented on November 2.

The news was first announced by TMZ.

That being said, Bella doesn’t appear to have at any point freely recognized having a spouse. Past certain reports drifting around her and aTyga last year, her public love life has been really on the DL.

That being said, Bella recently showed up on the H3 Web recording in 2021 and said that she’d been single for about a year. She portrayed two connections that occurred while she was in the Naval force — the subsequent person unloading her after figuring out that she would pass on the military because of psychological wellness reasons.

As per Bella, he shared with her, “Goodness, you’re leaving the military? I surmise we can’t be together.” Considering that Bella left the Naval force at some point in 2019, this might actually highlight what occurred with her ex.

We’ll update you as often as possible on the off chance that Bella gives any updates.

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